1. Small Doses

From the recording Some Professional Help

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My wife is almost always the first person to hear a song once I’ve finished writing it. After hearing “Small Doses” for the first time, she asked with sweet sincerity if I’d been considering seeing a therapist and thus planted the seed for what would become the title of the album and the ensemble. I suppose the song also has a lot to do with why I created Some Professional Help in the first place; I don’t want anyone to be exposed too much of each other, especially too much of me.

Ben Bernstein- Bass
Hamilton Ulmer-guitar
Andrew Maguire- percussion
Scott Alexander- Vocals, guitars, bassoon
Recorded by Alberto Hernandez and Jesse Nichols at Fantasy Studios
Mixed by Jesse Nichols at Opus Studios
Mastered by A.T. Michael MacDonald at AlgoRhythms Mastering


Loosing my stomach for rejection
It’d go down easier, if i could just changer perspective
And see the smiling faces when they’re smiling back at me
And not the ghosts their absence leaves.
It’s clear that you can love me.
We both surely know this.
But only can you love me if you love me in small doses.

My invitations are all decently received and I can now accept that few are ever sent to me.
But I won’t be throwing any pity party
Oh, I know that it’s nothing personal.
In my life, you want to play a role,
but you rather would be cast as a cheerful cameo.

I’ve been on the other end of this sticky situation.
Your company is nourishing but I rarely find the craving.
And no matter how sweet you are to me
I’ll pass then times out of thirteen
And opt to count the lonely hours tasting my own medicine
Which is really not so bitter if you find a way to notice
That I’m so frick’n fond of you when I find you in small doses.

Instead of feeling sad
I’ll just be grateful for what I have.
Rather than wracked by guilt
Don’t give it a second thought.
Just take the love you’ve got and savor it with me.
I will not stop you when you leave.
Whatever piece that you tear off me you can keep.
I ain’t gonna loose my mind waiting to heal.
I’m sure that I’ll be fine if you keep your end of the deal.
There is nothing in this world that’s more potent than to know
Even if the feeling comes or even easier still goes
I will survive on your love
Even if it’s a small dose.