Some Professional Help includes busy professional musicians of the highest caliber as well as extraordinary amatuers.  The level of involvement and commitment of each "helper" is largely up to them, their calendar, and the character of each song.  

Below is a growing list of musicians who have contributed to Some Professional Help's recordings and live performances.  Along with a playlist featuring some of their other recording projects.

If you would like to offer some professional help, please contact us.


Scott Alexander - bassoon, guitar, songwriting, vocals
Sage Baggot - percussion
Michael Bang - guitar, vocals
Ben Bernstein - double bass
Daniel Blum - percussion
Aharon Wheels Bolsta - percussion
Derek Burle - bass
Harlow Carpenter - trumpet
Rick Corrigan - accordion 
Ben Einstein - piano/keys 
Ari Gorman - double bass
Van Jackson-Weaver - bass
Corey Johnson - mandolin 
Will Magid  - trumpet
Andrew Maguire - percussion
Brian Adam McCune - percussion
David Möschler - double bass
Lewis Patzner - cello
Lily Sevier - percussion
Hamilton Ulmer - guitar
Carolyn Walter - bass clarinet
Amanda Wu - double bass